Science diversity at the intensity and precision frontiers

The North and East experimental areas of CERN enable a wide range of measurements, from precision tests of the Standard Model to detector R&D. Kristiane Bernhard-Novotny takes a tour of their upcoming programmes.

North Area The EHN1 experimental hall in the North Area, showing the Morpurgo magnet (left) and the NA61 experiment (right). Credit: CERN-PHOTO-202001-006-9

While all eyes focus on the LHC restart, a diverse landscape of fixed-target experiments at CERN have already begun data-taking. Driven by beams from smaller accelerators in the LHC chain, they span a large range of research programmes at the precision and intensity frontiers, complementary to the LHC experiments. Several new experiments join existing ones in the new run period, in addition to a suite of test-beam and R&D facilities. 

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