31 Aug/23
16:00 - 18:00 (CET)

Webinar - Accelerator driven systems – a solution to multiple problems of society

"Accelerator driven systems – a solution to multiple problems of society" by Prof. Yuan He


One of the greatest challenges for nuclear energy is how to properly manage the highly radioactive waste generated during irradiation in nuclear reactors. Accelerator Driven Systems (ADSs) is one methods of addressing the transmutation of such high level nuclear waste. ADS or accelerator driven transmutation of waste (ATW) consists of a high power proton accelerator, a heavy metal spallation target that produces neutrons when bombarded by the high power beam, and a sub-critical core that is neutronically coupled to the spallation target. This talk presents the world overview of nuclear energy that has proven to assist in dee-carbonization of energy sectors since the mid-1970s as well as the approaches to ADS being explored around the globe.


Yuan He (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) graduated from Lanzhou university in 1995 and got the engineer doctor of graduated school of Chinese Academy of Sciences major in nuclear technology. He is the director of Linac Center in the institute of Modern Physics and working on the high power superconducting linear accelerator and Accelerator Driven Advanced Nuclear Energy System (ADANES). He led the construction of the Chinese ADS Front-end demo facility, CAFe, since 2011. Which is a research facility to demonstrate the feasibility of the key technologies and the integration and operational experience of the high-power superconducting linac for the accelerator-driven subcritical system. Now, he is the chief engineer and responsible for the technical of the project of Chinese initiative Accelerator Driven System (CiADS), which is a lead-bismuth subcritical nuclear reactor driven by a 2.5 MW proton linac constructing in Huizhou.