Plasma Accelerators

Major boost to European plasma accelerator facility

EuPRAXIA is the first European project that develops a dedicated particle accelerator research infrastructure based on novel plasma acceleration concepts and laser technology.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

The miniature accelerator: dream or reality?

To look into the atomic and subatomic structure of materials and cells, future industry will need ever-smaller accelerators.

Issue 41
26 September, 2022

Wakefield accelerators get a boost

New electron accelerator concept combines laser-driven and particle-driven plasma techniques.

Issue 37
21 July, 2021

Novel Technology Concepts for a Plasma Accelerator Research Facility

EuPRAXIA project moves into its preparation phase

Issue 34
30 September, 2020

Game-changing plasma accelerator

EuPRAXIA project concludes its conceptual design for a powerful, small-footprint accelerator, showing that plasma acceleration provides a viable alternative to established accelerator technologies.

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Previous Issues
05 December, 2019