I.FAST aims to enhance innovation in the particle accelerator community, mapping out and facilitating the development of breakthrough technologies common to multiple accelerator platforms. The project involves 49 partners, including 17 companies as co-innovation partners, to explore new alternative accelerator concepts and advanced prototyping of key technologies.
These include, among others, new accelerator designs and concepts, advanced superconducting technologies for magnets and cavities, techniques to increase brightness of synchrotron light sources, strategies and technology to improve energy efficiency, and new societal applications of accelerators.

€1M innovation fund for sustainable accelerators

Laser-plasma technology, additive manufacturing, high-temperature superconductors and other innovations have strong potential to reduce the footprint of particle accelerators.

Issue 47
08 May, 2024

I.FAST holds its third annual meeting in Paris

Held in Paris, the penultimate annual meeting of the I.FAST project included lively discussions on cryogenics, additive manufacturing, and sustainability.

Issue 47
30 April, 2024

Pushing accelerator frontiers in Bern

The topical workshop “Gigahertz Rate and Rapid Muon Acceleration” showed how advanced accelerator concepts can jump-start dark-sector searches.

Issue 47
12 April, 2024

Beaming our waste? Accelerators to combat biohazards

Meet Rob Edgecock to find out how particle accelerators can be used to preserve the environment.

Issue 46
05 February, 2024

Announcement of Particle Therapy MasterClass 2024: Dates and registration

Aimed at introducing high-school students to the benefits of particle physics for society and medical applications, the Particle Therapy MasterClass just opened registration for its 2024 edition.

Issue 46
08 January, 2024

How can particle accelerators help to improve human health? A 10-day challenge for multidisciplinary teams of young people!

Come to take part in an EU-funded challenge to imagine new multidisciplinary solutions to address health issues by using particle accelerators.

Issue 46
04 December, 2023

New industry-academia exchange programme “broadens the view of accelerator researchers”

After two months at Cosylab, Luca Garolfi, from CERN, tells us about the I.FAST industry-academia exchange programme.

Issue 45
23 October, 2023

Accelerating circular fashion

What role could particle accelerators play in recycling textile waste?

Issue 45
25 September, 2023
Issue 45
25 September, 2023

Adriatic stop for the I.FAST project

Held in Trieste, Italy, the second annual meeting of the I.FAST project hosted passionate discussion about the progress in machine learning and in superconducting materials.

Issue 44
27 July, 2023

Rare earths for permanent magnets: blessing or curse?

Although permanent magnets can significantly reduce the energy consumption of accelerators, their use of rare earths requires best practices, as discussed by experts at the latest I.FAST workshop.

Issue 43
13 March, 2023