Muon g-2 experiment blurs distinction between accelerator and particle physics

Importance of accelerator science and detailed knowledge about the beam dynamics for the breakthrough Muon g-2 experiment.

Issue 45
18 September, 2023

United States crab cavity program springs forward into production after successful test of prototypes

Crab cavities are critical to increase the number of interactions. After successful prototyping and testing, the US programme has entered series production.

Issue 38
01 December, 2021

Fermilab’s Proton Improvement Plan II (PIP-II) is relying on international collaborations to shape the future of accelerator-based particle physics in the US. Lia Merminga and Eduard Pozdeyev provide an insider take.

Fermilab achieves 14.5-tesla field for accelerator magnet, setting new world record

Fermilab achieved a 14.5-tesla field strength for an accelerator steering dipole magnet, surpassing their previous record of 14.1 T.

Issue 33
15 July, 2020