Sustainable Technologies

CERN’s “Mining the Future®” competition successfully completes

Aimed at identifying solutions for the reuse rock excavated during tunnelling for future CERN colliders, this competition shortlisted four promising proposals.

Issue 41
20 September, 2022

Assessing the carbon footprint of future Higgs factories

A recent analysis, comparing the environmental impact of different proposed Higgs factories per physics output, concluded that the FCC-ee is the most sustainable design.

Issue 41
20 September, 2022

Optimising CLIC for reducing the electricity consumption at machine and laboratory level

Optimised system designs for power efficiency, high efficiency klystrons, permanent magnets, renewable power… The linear collider projects are working to address power efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the facilities.

Issue 41
19 September, 2022

Bringing particle accelerators on ships

The first test to use a particle accelerator to clean the exhaust gases of a ship took place in Riga in July 2019. The first results are encouraging.

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