Antoine Le Gall (CERN)

New industry-academia exchange programme “broadens the view of accelerator researchers”

After two months at Cosylab, Luca Garolfi, from CERN, tells us about the I.FAST industry-academia exchange programme.

Issue 45
23 October, 2023

Accelerating circular fashion

What role could particle accelerators play in recycling textile waste?

Issue 45
25 September, 2023
Issue 45
25 September, 2023

Adriatic stop for the I.FAST project

Held in Trieste, Italy, the second annual meeting of the I.FAST project hosted passionate discussion about the progress in machine learning and in superconducting materials.

Issue 44
27 July, 2023

HEARTS innovates to foster European access to space

The EU-funded project HEARTS aims at providing access to high-energy heavy ion radiation testing facilities for space exploitation and space exploration.

Issue 44
05 April, 2023

I.FAST promotes eight innovation projects in accelerator technologies

With a funding of up to 200 kEUR each, the projects will contribute to improve the sustainability of particle accelerator technologies.

Issue 43
13 March, 2023

First 3D-printing of crucial component to bring accelerators closer to society

The first additive manufacturing of a critical accelerator component paves the way toward more affordable and versatile particle accelerators.

Issue 42
16 November, 2022

I.FAST announces Academia-Industry Exchange Programme

The programme offers the opportunity for a Company to send an engineer or technician for one or several visits to one of the I.FAST Laboratories and for a I.FAST Laboratory to send a scientist, engineer or technician to a Company for one or several visits

Issue 40
05 July, 2022

I.FAST under the spotlights at IPAC’22

In mid-June, as many as four oral presentations stemming from I.FAST innovative activities were given at this prestigious particle accelerator conference

Issue 40
23 June, 2022

The ARIES project, a promoter of innovation and accessibility for accelerators, comes to a close

The EU-funded ARIES project has succeeded in opening new avenues for the accelerator community

Issue 40
13 June, 2022

I.FAST launches new fund to support innovation in accelerator technologies

The fund aims to stimulate innovation in accelerator technologies by supporting projects with a contribution of up to 200 kEUR

Issue 40
15 June, 2022