The strong support and cooperation of administration services in France and Switzerland are reassuring for the next steps of the Future Circular Collider feasibility study, describes Johannes Gutleber.

FCCIS Collider Design Workshop 2021

In the frame of the Future Circular Collider Innovation Study (FCCIS), a first workshop on the FCC collider design took place at CERN at the end of year

Issue 39
07 March, 2022

The FCC-ee vacuum system, towards prototyping

As part of the FCC Feasibility Study, design works of vacuum components is being carried out now and will soon reach the prototyping phase.

Issue 39
07 March, 2022

Record (online) crowds gather for the fifth FCC Physics Workshop

This February, a week-long event discussed physics programme and explored where faith meets science

Issue 39
07 March, 2022

Innovation in the management of excavated materials: an FCC contribution to circular economy

Innovative proposals received during the first stage of CERN’s “Mining the Future” competition.

Issue 38
01 December, 2021

FCC rolls out a quadrupole prototype with canted cosine theta design

Elegant yet complex, a prototype final focus quadrupole has been manufactured and has successfully passed its first tests.

Issue 38
01 December, 2021

A closed-loop, Nelium turbocompressor test facility

To determine the limitations and opportunities brought by radial compressor technology operating with light gases, a closed-loop turbocompressor test facility has been assembled at the University of Stuttgart, in cooperation with TU Dresden.

Issue 36
07 April, 2021

Future Circular Collider Innovation Study kicks off

The meeting combined the fourth FCC Physics Workshop with the kick-off meeting of the EC-funded Horizon 2020 FCC Innovation Study (FCCIS)

Issue 35
25 January, 2021

Introducing the Future Circular Collider Innovation Study at FCC November Workshop (FCC NoW)

The upcoming FCC November Week includes the kickoff meeting of the recently approved EU Horizon 2020 project “Future Circular Collider Innovation Study” (FCCIS).

Issue 34
07 October, 2020

Unfolding the full potential of a future circular lepton collider

A recently proposed acceleration scheme could further increase the performance of a technology-ready circular lepton collider and boost the exploratory potential of the FCC integrated programme.

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