EuPRAXIA-DN: Global Minds, Accelerating Tomorrow - A Film on the Future of Plasma Accelerators

The film explores overcoming the cost and size constraints of particle accelerators, crucial for various fields, by developing more compact, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective technologies.

Issue 46
25 January, 2024

Advanced accelerator concepts event brings the community back together

Organised this September, a special topics workshop was an opportunity to discuss the international landscape of novel accelerators

Issue 42
15 December, 2022

Major boost to European plasma accelerator facility

EuPRAXIA is the first European project that develops a dedicated particle accelerator research infrastructure based on novel plasma acceleration concepts and laser technology.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

Wakefield accelerators get a boost

New electron accelerator concept combines laser-driven and particle-driven plasma techniques.

Issue 37
21 July, 2021

EuPRAXIA included in ESFRI roadmap

11 new research infrastructures of high strategic importance to be included in important strategic roadmap were announced on 30 June 2021

Issue 37
20 July, 2021

Novel Technology Concepts for a Plasma Accelerator Research Facility

EuPRAXIA project moves into its preparation phase

Issue 34
30 September, 2020

Game-changing plasma accelerator

EuPRAXIA project concludes its conceptual design for a powerful, small-footprint accelerator, showing that plasma acceleration provides a viable alternative to established accelerator technologies.

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Previous Issues
05 December, 2019