Future Colliders

FCC-ee and FCC-hh machines: at a glance

The FCC feasibility study, has reached a successful mid-term review on its path to completion in 2025. From electrons to protons, FCC-ee and FCC-hh join forces, offering unprecedented precision and energy reach.

Issue 47
07 May, 2024

YOU see an empty field? WE see an “Open Sky Laboratory”!

Imagine transforming leftover excavated materials from construction projects into fertile soil! OpenSkyLab will examine how best to reuse material from the construction of the proposed FCC for renaturation, agriculture, and forestry purposes.

Issue 47
25 April, 2024

Another piece of hardware sees the light of day at FCC

The HTS4 project wishes to demonstrate that the performance of HTS systems against normal conducting magnets

Issue 47
25 April, 2024

From LEP to the FCC-ee, a great leap in precision

At the second EPOL workshop, the FCC-ee community looked at methods for determining energy with ever greater precision

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

Assessing the carbon footprint of future Higgs factories

A recent analysis, comparing the environmental impact of different proposed Higgs factories per physics output, concluded that the FCC-ee is the most sustainable design.

Issue 41
20 September, 2022

A closed-loop, Nelium turbocompressor test facility

To determine the limitations and opportunities brought by radial compressor technology operating with light gases, a closed-loop turbocompressor test facility has been assembled at the University of Stuttgart, in cooperation with TU Dresden.

Issue 36
07 April, 2021

Future Circular Collider Innovation Study kicks off

The meeting combined the fourth FCC Physics Workshop with the kick-off meeting of the EC-funded Horizon 2020 FCC Innovation Study (FCCIS)

Issue 35
25 January, 2021

Accelerator sensitivity to ultra-low stray magnetic fields

Stray magnetic fields are a serious consideration in the design CLIC. Measurements to characterise stray magnetic fields at CERN are presented and a mitigation technique for CLIC is discussed.

Issue 34
20 October, 2020

Introducing the Future Circular Collider Innovation Study at FCC November Workshop (FCC NoW)

The upcoming FCC November Week includes the kickoff meeting of the recently approved EU Horizon 2020 project “Future Circular Collider Innovation Study” (FCCIS).

Issue 34
07 October, 2020

Fermilab achieves 14.5-tesla field for accelerator magnet, setting new world record

Fermilab achieved a 14.5-tesla field strength for an accelerator steering dipole magnet, surpassing their previous record of 14.1 T.

Issue 33
15 July, 2020