Radiofrequency Cavities

Estimating the local impact of Large Research Infrastructure procurement

Upon looking at the procurement of superconducting RF cavities, this first study demonstrates the positive impact of Big Science projects on local economic development

Issue 43
15 March, 2023

Reverse coating: a new method for the production of seamless copper cavities

Inspired by the production of NEG-coated vacuum chambers, this novel technique for high quality Nb/Cu cavities that can be used in FCC-ee has completed its first qualitative feasibility study.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

United States crab cavity program springs forward into production after successful test of prototypes

Crab cavities are critical to increase the number of interactions. After successful prototyping and testing, the US programme has entered series production.

Issue 38
01 December, 2021

A new sputtering technique for the coating of SRF cavities with 3D complex geometries

In a recent paper, the densification of coated Nb films on copper samples at 90deg angle of incidence was explored for different techniques.

Issue 33
15 July, 2020