Sustainable Technologies

€1M innovation fund for sustainable accelerators

Laser-plasma technology, additive manufacturing, high-temperature superconductors and other innovations have strong potential to reduce the footprint of particle accelerators.

Issue 47
08 May, 2024

YOU see an empty field? WE see an “Open Sky Laboratory”!

Imagine transforming leftover excavated materials from construction projects into fertile soil! OpenSkyLab will examine how best to reuse material from the construction of the proposed FCC for renaturation, agriculture, and forestry purposes.

Issue 47
25 April, 2024

Beaming our waste? Accelerators to combat biohazards

Meet Rob Edgecock to find out how particle accelerators can be used to preserve the environment.

Issue 46
05 February, 2024

The wider challenge of sustainability: Assessing the life cycle of future linear colliders

Making a sustainable future accelerator facility requires much more than reducing its energy consumption, it demands a direct quantification of the ecological footprint from start to end

Issue 45
26 September, 2023

Rare earths for permanent magnets: blessing or curse?

Although permanent magnets can significantly reduce the energy consumption of accelerators, their use of rare earths requires best practices, as discussed by experts at the latest I.FAST workshop.

Issue 43
13 March, 2023

Multiple energy recycling in a linear accelerator

Through ingenious kinetic energy recycling in combination with a multi-turn acceleration concept, electric power can be saved while, at the same time, high-power particle beams can be provided.

Issue 43
14 March, 2023

I.FAST promotes eight innovation projects in accelerator technologies

With a funding of up to 200 kEUR each, the projects will contribute to improve the sustainability of particle accelerator technologies.

Issue 43
13 March, 2023

CLIC looks towards 2025

The CLIC collaboration is moving towards its technical design report.

Issue 42
15 December, 2022

How can accelerators address environmental challenges? A 10-day event near Geneva for university students

To be renewed next summer, I.FAST project’s yearly student challenge explored environmental and societal applications of accelerator technology.

Issue 42
15 December, 2022

Tunable permanent magnets for sustainable particle accelerators

Aimed at reducing the energy use of accelerator facilities, the Zero Power Tunable Optics project demonstrated the replacement of resistive electromagnets with permanent ones whilst retaining field strength adjustability.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022