Panos Charitos (CERN)

FCC-ee and FCC-hh machines: at a glance

The FCC feasibility study, has reached a successful mid-term review on its path to completion in 2025. From electrons to protons, FCC-ee and FCC-hh join forces, offering unprecedented precision and energy reach.

Issue 47
07 May, 2024

Next stop on the circle line: FCC Week 2023

The FCC Week 2023 brought together more than 470 collaborators from all over the world to plan the submission of the project’s mid-term review to the CERN's Council.

Issue 44
07 July, 2023

CERN’s “Mining the Future®” competition successfully completes

Aimed at identifying solutions for the reuse rock excavated during tunnelling for future CERN colliders, this competition shortlisted four promising proposals.

Issue 41
20 September, 2022

Assessing the carbon footprint of future Higgs factories

A recent analysis, comparing the environmental impact of different proposed Higgs factories per physics output, concluded that the FCC-ee is the most sustainable design.

Issue 41
20 September, 2022

Highlights from FCC Week 2022

The 2022 FCC Week brought together more than 250 collaborators from 30 countries to discuss the latest status of the FCC Feasibility Study, that was launched by the CERN Council in 2021 in response to the 2020 European Strategy Update

Issue 40
21 June, 2022

Innovation in the management of excavated materials: an FCC contribution to circular economy

Innovative proposals received during the first stage of CERN’s “Mining the Future” competition.

Issue 38
01 December, 2021

FCC Week 2021: Looking at the project and the people who bring it to life

This summer, the 2021 Future Circular Collider (FCC) Week took place online and attracted more than 700 participants. At the same time, the Collider Diaries follow 5 scientists and engineers who contributed to its superconducting a

Issue 37
11 August, 2021

Superconducting magnets masterclass: an opportunity born from adverse times

Against the challenges of the first wave of the pandemic, from May to October 2020, CERN's MSC group organised a masterclass on the design of superconducting magnets for particle colliders.

Issue 35
26 January, 2021

Future Circular Collider Innovation Study kicks off

The meeting combined the fourth FCC Physics Workshop with the kick-off meeting of the EC-funded Horizon 2020 FCC Innovation Study (FCCIS)

Issue 35
25 January, 2021

A report from EASISchool 3

The EASITrain fellows and 16 external participants attended EASISchool 3 at the CNR-SPIN research institute in Genoa, Italy.

Issue 34
15 October, 2020