Particle Accelerators

Pushing accelerator frontiers in Bern

The topical workshop “Gigahertz Rate and Rapid Muon Acceleration” showed how advanced accelerator concepts can jump-start dark-sector searches.

Issue 47
12 April, 2024

The miniature accelerator: dream or reality?

To look into the atomic and subatomic structure of materials and cells, future industry will need ever-smaller accelerators.

Issue 41
26 September, 2022

New online course to initiate undergraduate students to particle accelerators

This unique online course gives students an overview of particle accelerators, their uses, as well as basic notions of electromagnetism, special relativity, radiofrequencies and magnetism.

Issue 41
12 September, 2022

Ground-breaking method to lift limitation on beam current in Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) developed

Paper on Beam Breakup Instability in ERLs selected as Editor’s Suggestion in Physical Review – Accelerators and Beams

Issue 37
21 July, 2021

International collaboration brings antimatter research to the next level

EU-funded AVA project provided excellent framework for world-class antimatter research and pioneered new ways of training early career researchers

Issue 37
20 July, 2021

CERN Accelerator School 2021: Introduction to Accelerator Physics

Registration is open until 18 August for the CERN Accelerator School’s course “Introduction to Accelerator Physics”, 25 September - 8 October 2021, Chavannes de Bogis

Issue 37
15 June, 2021

From targets to absorbers, beam-intercepting devices are vital to CERN’s accelerator complex. Marco Calviani describes the major upgrades taking place to prepare for the high-luminosity LHC, and the challenges posed by future projects.

Bringing particle accelerators on ships

The first test to use a particle accelerator to clean the exhaust gases of a ship took place in Riga in July 2019. The first results are encouraging.

Previous Issues
16 July, 2019

This week marks the 50th anniversary of collisions in CERN’s Intersecting Storage Rings, the first hadron collider ever built.

Due to the way antibodies are made, each person that is infected has the potential to produce many antibodies that target the virus in a slightly different way.