HiRadMat experiment installation for the first beam time run after LS2
(Image: CERN)

Issue 40

June 2022

Welcome to Issue #40 of Accelerating News!

Over the past five years, the ARIES project brought together part of the European accelerator community in the aim of developing key accelerator technologies to make present and future machines more efficient, affordable, reliable and sustainable. Last month, this H2020-funded project passed the torch to I.FAST as one of the driving force behind joint R&D activities or the next generation of particle accelerators. The latter project held its first annual meeting, where it was able to meet industry and present its progress and new programmes. The I.FAST Internal Innovation Fund, which is designed to promote cooperation between institutes and industry, was launched at the event. More recently, the project sparked interest at the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC’22).

Future accelerators can count on a myriad of innovations to reinvent themselves and achieve stunning new results. Developed through the CLIC Collaboration, a permanent magnet demonstrator for ultra-low emittance rings that could lead to higher performance of synchrotrons used as light sources. Likewise, additive manufacturing and novel designing techniques have enabled scientists at PSI and FAU develop a new concept for generating THz radiation. Finally, at CERN, works towards the future test stand of the HL-LHC IT String have been progressing, marking a major milestone for the HL-LHC project.

The Future Circular Collider also reached an important milestone with the organisation of the FCC Week in Paris at the beginning of June. This event was an opportunity for the community to discuss the latest status of the FCC Feasibility Study, which was launched by the CERN Council in 2021 in response to the 2020 European Strategy Update.

The editors invite to browse the new issue and learn more about all the last developments in the particle accelerator community. Happy reading!

Antoine Le Gall, Editor-in-Chief

I.FAST announces Academia-Industry Exchange Programme

The programme offers the opportunity for a Company to send an engineer or technician for one or several visits to one of the I.FAST Laboratories and for a I.FAST Laboratory to send a scientist, engineer or technician to a Company for one or several visits

Issue 40
05 July, 2022

I.FAST under the spotlights at IPAC’22

In mid-June, as many as four oral presentations stemming from I.FAST innovative activities were given at this prestigious particle accelerator conference

Issue 40
23 June, 2022

Highlights from FCC Week 2022

The 2022 FCC Week brought together more than 250 collaborators from 30 countries to discuss the latest status of the FCC Feasibility Study, that was launched by the CERN Council in 2021 in response to the 2020 European Strategy Update

Issue 40
21 June, 2022

The future of accelerators brings laboratories and industry together at CERN

In early May, the first annual meeting of the I.FAST project brought together the main European players in the particle accelerator sector to discuss the latest innovations

Issue 40
15 June, 2022

A new concept of using THz radiation for electron acceleration

Inverse design and additive manufacturing have enabled scientists to develop a new concept for generating THz radiation

Issue 40
10 June, 2022

CERN Accelerator School is back in presence with the Basic course

From 9th to 13th May 2022, CERN Accelerator School students finally went back off-screen to learn more about the basics of general accelerator physics and technology

Issue 40
03 June, 2022

The HL-LHC’s IT String home gets ready

The new metallic structure, installed in SM18, will be part of the IT String Test Stand. It will house the main components of the HL-LHC powering systems, due for arrival at the end of 2022

Issue 40
03 June, 2022

Data Intensive Science and Particle Accelerators: Driving Science and Innovation

Liverpool Physics awarded £1.3M for new STFC data science training centre

Issue 40
01 June, 2022
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