Issue 46

February 2024

Welcome to the winter edition of Acceleration News!

In this issue, we are happy to report on the latest progress has been made on the High-Luminosity upgrade of the LHC: In a joint article, experts from CERN and UK’s STFC report on the competition of the first pre-series cry-modules equipped with compact, superconducting “crab cavities”, an update that will be critical to fully align the proton bunches before they collide in the two largest detector experiments.

Future accelerators will also play a role in preserving our environment. In an interview, Rob Edgecock presents how particle accelerators are being used to treat wastewater and combat biohazard. The Horizon 2020 project he takes part to, I.FAST, explores ways to combine electron beam sludge treatment with biogas production and consequently generate electricity that can power the accelerator.

As a new year begins, we are happy to announce coming programmes aimed at the next generation of scientists and engineers. A call to application to the “Accelerators for healthcare” student challenge was launched at the end of the year. Students from universities across Europe and any academic background can apply until 29 February 2024. Also, both the CERN Accelerator School and the Particle Therapy Master Classes have announced new dates for their 2024 classes.

We are also happy to announce:

  • 29 February 2024: Roadshow on synchrotron science and X-ray imaging in Zimbabwe.
  • 28 March 2024: "Strengthening Basic Sciences: Towards Sustainable Societies", by Prof. Amal Kasry, UNESCO Chief of Section for Basic Science.
  • 16-17 April 2024: Workshop on "Cryogenics in Big Science".
  • 27 November 2024: 30th Birthday of the Joint Universities Accelerator School.

The editors invite to browse the new issue and learn more about all the last developments in the particle accelerator community.

Antoine Le Gall, Editor-in-Chief

Small CLICs towards tomorrow's compact linear accelerators

CLIC's compact technologies can help to broaden the applications of linear accelerators.

Issue 46
05 February, 2024

Ramping up the CERN Accelerator School

The CAS team concludes a year of courses and celebrations while looking at its future in 2024.

Issue 46
30 January, 2024

EuPRAXIA-DN: Global Minds, Accelerating Tomorrow - A Film on the Future of Plasma Accelerators

The film explores overcoming the cost and size constraints of particle accelerators, crucial for various fields, by developing more compact, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective technologies.

Issue 46
25 January, 2024

Announcement of Particle Therapy MasterClass 2024: Dates and registration

Aimed at introducing high-school students to the benefits of particle physics for society and medical applications, the Particle Therapy MasterClass just opened registration for its 2024 edition.

Issue 46
08 January, 2024

How can particle accelerators help to improve human health? A 10-day challenge for multidisciplinary teams of young people!

Come to take part in an EU-funded challenge to imagine new multidisciplinary solutions to address health issues by using particle accelerators.

Issue 46
04 December, 2023

Coming events

29 Feb/24
16:00 - 18:00
28 Mar/24
16:00 - 18:00
16 Apr/24
27 Nov/24
14:00 - 19:00

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In this issue: global sustainability requirements for future accelerators, environmental applications of accelerators, novel programmes for the next generation of scientists.
This issue brings the latest developments in superconducting magnets, cryogenics, new European projects, and reports on the events of the particle accelerator community.
This issue brings you the latest developments in sustainable technologies for particle accelerators, new accelerators facilities, outreach opportunities and reports on the events of the European particle accelerator community.