Accelerator Technology

€1M innovation fund for sustainable accelerators

Laser-plasma technology, additive manufacturing, high-temperature superconductors and other innovations have strong potential to reduce the footprint of particle accelerators.

Issue 47
08 May, 2024

Unleashing the Power of CAS Courses

Over the last decades, the learning path of an accelerator scientist has evolved. Two CERN group leaders tell us how CAS Courses are proving invaluable.

Issue 47
07 May, 2024

Pushing accelerator frontiers in Bern

The topical workshop “Gigahertz Rate and Rapid Muon Acceleration” showed how advanced accelerator concepts can jump-start dark-sector searches.

Issue 47
12 April, 2024

Japan’s Accelerator Test Facility 2 opens again for overseas collaborators experiments

Located in KEK Japan, this experimental facility will pursue the necessary R&D to maximize the luminosity potential of linear colliders.

Issue 43
15 March, 2023

The Italian Future of Accelerators

Interview with Lucio Rossi, INFN researcher and professor at the University of Milan, coordinator of INFN Accelerators Committee

Right from their first appearance in the sector dedicated to studying the ultimate constituents of matter, particle accelerators have shown a profound propensity for finding a position, often central, in disciplinary fields other than fundamental physics. An emblematic case of this fertile transfer of technologies is surely the medical field that, from as early as the 1950s, has made use of accelerators in treating tumours

Tunable permanent magnets for sustainable particle accelerators

Aimed at reducing the energy use of accelerator facilities, the Zero Power Tunable Optics project demonstrated the replacement of resistive electromagnets with permanent ones whilst retaining field strength adjustability.

Issue 42
07 December, 2022

The miniature accelerator: dream or reality?

To look into the atomic and subatomic structure of materials and cells, future industry will need ever-smaller accelerators.

Issue 41
26 September, 2022

31st International Linear Accelerator Conference LINAC2022 delivered in Liverpool

The conference provided a unique opportunity to hear about the latest advances in research and developments on linear accelerators and their applications.

Issue 41
09 September, 2022

AWAKE sows the seeds of controlled particle acceleration using plasma wakefields

The AWAKE collaboration has successfully seeded the self-modulation of a proton bunch, to control and stabilise plasma waves that can accelerate electrons with record gradients

Issue 41
15 September, 2022

Experiment reveals new options for synchrotron light sources

An international team of accelerator experts have used a laser to manipulate electron bunches at PTB's Metrology Light Source so that they emitted intense light pulses having a laser-like character.

Issue 36
24 February, 2021